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Texas law officers are so corrupt that Gene decides to put on his old Texas Ranger uniform and set things right.

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original title: Night Stage to Galveston

genge: Action,Crime,Music,Western



duration: 1h 1min

tags: He's locking up those crooked cops and throwing the keys away!


keywords: texas, evidence, statepolice, texasrangers, corruption, newspaper, escape, shootout, streetshootout, openingactionscene, stagecoachguard, usa, vindication, gunfight, investigator, investigation, newsp


































In Texas, the citizens are suffering from the brutality of the State Police who have replaced the disbanded Rangers. When a policeman kills a rancher, Gene then kills him in self defence. Now wanted for murder by the Police, Gene sets out to get evidence that will put an end to the Police and bring back the Texas Rangers. Gene Autry and Pat Buttram, ex-Texas Rangers now employed by Colonel Bellamy, Galveston newspaper publisher, obtain evidence of corruption in the Texas State Police. The head of the state police order the two men killed. When they escape unharmed, he has his henchmen kidnap Ann, the publisher's daughter and her young ward, Cathy Evans, to prevent Bellamy from publishing the evidence against the corrupt police force.. Bless his heart, he is obviously not a Texan. This song is the fight song of the University of Texas and known by all kids raised in Texas. and yes there are words to it. Look it up. Texas was not treated well by the reconstruction. My family lost the whole plantation to carpetbagger thieves. This a good movie with plot twists and good characters. The little girl is not just window dressing, she gets to do some smart work and doesn't look precocious doing it. Wish the heroine got to do more. One thing, Champion chases the stage coach on his own, but half way through the 'chase' he is tied to the coach by a rein. I notice thing about the horses. Given the demands of his weekly TV show (1950-1955) and a steady stream of matin辿e programmers, like this one, I wonder when Gene had a chance to relax. Actually this is one of his better 60-minute programmers. It's plot heavy-- replacing a crooked State Police with the Texas Rangers, along with the usual combative intrigues. I believe there's just one song, so Gene is concentrating on story rather than musical entertainment. Even comic relief Buttram is unusually restrained in his antics. It's not especially scenic, but with a strong appeal for southern audiences with repeated references to Texas and the Confederacy. Anyway, can't help noticing the director and producer are also his TV team, so likely he worked these programmers into his TV schedule. Whatever the case, it's an entertaining hour of Gene and Champion.


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